Large Diameter
Plastic Pipes

The urgent requirement for better systems, that would be able to cope with larger volumes of waste and stormwater, in fast-growing urban environments; led us to study new large diameter pipe technology, already widely used with big success in other parts of the world. Megapipes Solutions Ltd made the visionary decision to opt for Weholite HDPE structured wall pipes, manholes, chambers and tanks.

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With Weholite, raw material properties have been combined with advanced production technology to create a lightweight engineered solution with superior loading capacity that is chemically inert and provides over 100 years design life. This means that designers, owners and operators can be confident that Weholite HDPE buried systems will have an in-service life of at least 100 years when materials, products and installation practices meet the appropriate requirements..

Large Diameter Pipes
Megapipes Solutions Limited

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Weholite pipes are made from high density polyethylene – HDPE - and represent a significant contribution in the development of thermoplastic pipe systems. In the design of water distribution systems, thermoplastic pipes represent an interesting alternative because of their excellent physical, hydraulic and mechanical properties. Manufactured from corrosion-resistant HDPE, Weholite pipes behave differently to traditional steel, ductile iron, concrete and other pipe systems.

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